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On February 1, 2020, Ontario began issuing the "A Place to Grow" passenger baseplate across the province.

Mike Franks compiled information gathered by numerous Ontario plate collectors. This info was gathered by way of telephone calls or in-person visits to ServiceOntario outlets. Credit is given in the table to those who reported information.

The goal is to paint as complete a picture as possible as to which alphanumerical blocs were issued during the initial roll-out of the new passenger vehicle plates. This information is bound to have gaps, and we don't expect that a full representation will be possible. 

Alphabetical serial blocs were distributed piecemeal across the province during the roll-out. It is possible for several cities to have been issued different number ranges within the same alphabetical bloc. Number ranges are included in the table when known. When number ranges are not known, they have been left blank.

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